VUSR Enables Publishers to Future Proof VR Content; First Application is NYT VR App for Daydream

November 18, 2016 (Toronto) – Continuing its commitment to advancing virtual reality (VR) content production and distribution, Secret Location, a pioneering VR and technology studio, today unveiled VUSR, a content management platform that enables creators to easily publish, distribute and monetize content for VR headsets and mobile devices. VUSR’s first application is the result of a collaboration with Mach1 and The New York Times to update the NYT VR app for Daydream, which also launched today.

In development for two years, Secret Location’s VUSR solves the challenge that many creators face: how to publish and distribute premium VR experiences for the masses in a marketplace that is fragmented due to the absence of universal standards, with no opportunities to monetize content.

The various VR headsets, to date, shape content development. VR hardware manufacturers are driving both the development and distribution of VR content by investing significant resources in developers, in an effort to build up an exclusive content library, which forces creators to focus on developing content for one headset or another, essentially betting on which VR hardware will succeed in order to find the right audience for their content. With VUSR, publishers can update their VR apps to disseminate content for new and existing VR hardware. VUSR is a leading application in the marketplace today that simplifies and expedites the distribution process for publishers, accelerating the delivery of content across headsets. Creators can also distribute and monetize original content through sponsorships, advertising and transactional video purchases with VUSR.

“We’re here to accelerate the storytelling experience, supporting publishers to create unparalleled virtual reality experiences,” said Secret Location Executive Producer and Founder James Milward. “Secret Location’s VUSR enables creators to distribute videos ready for release to end user apps across all relevant platforms. With VUSR content creators can efficiently embrace new VR formats, such as Daydream, distributing content across innovative technology platforms that aim to service the evolving entertainment landscape.”

While the technology has up until recently been largely applied to gaming, VR offers vast content opportunities from entertainment and travel to addressing social issues and more.

“Virtual reality creators will no longer be plagued by the fragmentation issue,” said Secret Location Technical Director and Founder Ryan Andal. “VUSR is the first platform of its kind to solve the problems caused by the issue of creating content tailored for so many types of VR headsets competing in today’s marketplace. It also boasts innovative creative-publisher tools such as directional tracking through heat maps and support for full-sphere surround sound.”

Acquired by Entertainment One (eOne) earlier this year, Secret Location combines cutting-edge technology with traditional storytelling to create digitally accelerated experiences for the web, mobile, tablet, and new platforms like VR and Augmented Reality (AR). It is the first company in the world to win a Primetime Emmy® Award for a Virtual Reality project and the creator of the first original serialized VR narrative.


About Secret Location, an Entertainment One company

Launched in 2009 by James Milward, Pietro Gagliano and Ryan Andal, Secret Location is an award-winning virtual reality and technology studio for emerging platforms, creating robust interactive experiences to launch content through storytelling for brands, advertising agencies, producers, and broadcasters. For more information, visit and follow Secret Location on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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