Transformers Now Has a 24-Hour Free Livestreaming Channel for Fans of the Alien Robot Franchise

On Pluto TV, there’s now more than meets the eye. The free streaming service from Paramount has launched a dedicated channel for animated series based on the iconic Transformers toy franchise, available 24 hours a day.

Transformers TV initially hosts more than 200 hours of content, spanning iconic moments from more than 30 years of the franchise’s history. Pluto TV continuously loops the programming around the clock in a linear feed for fans of the shape-shifting, sentient alien robots who are perennially locked in a battle for the future of their world — and ours.

Content on Transformers TV includes such fan favorites as “Transformers: Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures,” “Transformers: Prime” and “Transformers: Robots in Disguise.”

Pluto TV launched Transformers TV under a pact with eOne, the entertainment studio owned by Hasbro, which has produced the Transformers line of toys since 1984. The toy giant that — acquired eOne in a $4 billion deal in 2019. Viacom, which is now part of Paramount Global, bought Pluto TV in early 2019.

“We could not be more excited to work with Pluto TV to bring this dedicated Transformers channel to life,” Jenny Whitlock, eOne’s SVP of global brand strategy and management for action brands, said in a statement. “Transformers fans are some of the most dedicated out there, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to the Transformers universe with a wide assortment of always-on content.”

Pluto TV is now available in more than 30 countries and territories. The service is available for free on the web at and via the Pluto TV app for platforms including iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Chromecast, and Samsung and LG TVs. The Transformers TV channel is available at this link (channel 1012 on Pluto).

From Variety.

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