Continuing its evolution and growth as a leader in the global entertainment industry, Entertainment One (eOne) today unveiled a refreshed logo on the eve of Toronto International Film Festival – a world-class film festival that shares its Toronto connection with the location of eOne’s corporate headquarters.
The refreshed logo reinforces eOne’s corporate goal of extending its worldwide network and producing and delivering a new level of innovative quality content:  hit films and memorable TV that is acclaimed, syndicated and binge-watched.
To their friends and partners, they’ve become eOne. But to those who don’t yet know the reach of their great work, they are still Entertainment One. The hybrid identity is reflected in the design of the brand.
This system extends to the Company’s strong associated brands — Les Films Séville, Seville International, Paperny Entertainment, The Mark Gordon Company, and Force Four Entertainment— in a customized way to both unify and build on the names and strengths of those brands.
We ask that you replace all currently existing Entertainment One logos you have on file with the refreshed logo, after all everyone needs a little refresh now and then.

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