Mentoring the next generation.

Meet three eOners from London who are participating in eOne’s new mentorship program with the BYP Network – and discover the value of giving back.

eOne and the Black Young Professionals (BYP) Network are partnering on a new mentorship program.

Last month, we announced our partnership with the Black Young Professionals (BYP) Network in the UK with a kickoff event at our London office.

Below, hear from three eOne mentors on their hopes and goals for our new six-month mentorship program with BYP.

Ruedilyn Cox: “I appreciate eOne and Hasbro’s diversity efforts, and journey ahead, and believe in supporting where I can. Working on our upcoming Disney pre-school series Kiya & The Kimoja Heroes brings me great purpose – and while the brand is a truly impactful way to represent skin tones, accents and family set-ups that a global audience can relate to, the BYP mentorship adds another layer to my role and eOne’s role in championing the Black community.”

Davina Elliott-Hanchard:  “As a mentor, I hope to learn what younger generations are passionate about. What is the change they want to see? I hope to give encouragement, support and advice from my own experience and be a pillar that they can see and lean on if needed. Watching them glow up and flourish in their desired career would be a goal achieved.”

Kimberly-Paige Clarke:  “I hope that through the mentorship eOne can network and build connections with Black professionals allowing pathways for Black talent to enter the industry. I hope that the mentorship program also encourages leaders to talk about what diversity looks like, not just in hiring practices, but in a way that challenges their approach to how they lead as key decision makers.”

Ruedilyn Cox
Vice President Global Brand Strategy & Management Kiya & The Kimoja Heroes, Family Brands

Davina Elliott-Hanchard
Manager, Accounts Receivable, Film & TV

Kimberly-Paige Clarke
HR Business Partner, Family Brands
tags:  DEI

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