Meet an eOner.

Meet Sarah Reynolds, based in London. 

She manages digital rights and operations for eOne’s Family Brands, including Peppa Pig, My Little Pony and more!

How did you start your career at eOne?
Way back in 2016 I applied for a 12-month contract in the Shared Services Technical team.

I’d been made redundant from my job of 12 years and thought this would be a simple role while I decided what direction I wanted my career to go in. Turns out eOne was the place for me, so after starting out as Dubbing & Deliveries Co-ordinator for Family I worked my way to my current role which is Senior Manager, Digital Rights & Operations in the YouTube and AVOD team.

What’s a typical day at eOne for you?
Busy but varied, from bizarre copyright infringements to coding, this role means I’m always having to learn something new which makes each day different with a new challenge.

Favorite eOne moment?
I’m going to cheat and give two. I conquered my fear of public speaking and chaired two panel discussions for eOne employees: one for International Women’s Day and one for Pride. The events to me were a blur of nervousness but they went well and really helped my confidence.

Tell us about eOne’s Pride Network.
I’ve always taken part in eOne’s corporate social responsibility efforts, and over the years we’ve raised loads for various charities in the UK and around the world. But setting up the eOne Pride Network with my colleague is what I’m most proud of. It’s hard work but really rewarding to create that sense of community and inclusion.


Sarah Reynolds
Senior Manager, Digital Rights & Operations, Family Brands
tags:  DEI

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Meet an eOner.

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