Meet an eOner.

Meet Mary Sorani, based in Toronto. 

She is a Service Delivery Manager for eOne's IT team.

Tell us about what you do at eOne.
As a Service Delivery Manager, my primary responsibility is to work with the Global IT Security and Compliance Teams to ensure we fulfill all our legal and procedural obligations from an IT perspective. I also manage some technology projects, working closely with stakeholders from across the business to ensure that excellent IT infrastructure and support is available to them.

How did you start your career at eOne?
I joined eOne five years ago, but my scope quickly changed which resulted in a huge shift in responsibility and expectations for me. As someone who welcomes new challenges and experiences – I took on the role and it has been a continuous road of growth and learning. I can honestly say working for eOne has been the best experience of my professional career.

What’s a typical day at eOne for you?
A typical day in the office will start with a coffee from our shared space area on the 7th floor with some general socializing and catching up. Then it kicks off into many meetings throughout the day. I always try to make time to leave my desk for lunch – usually to our 5th floor kitchen and lounge where it is always great to see faces from around the company and catch up. Free snacks are a bonus as well!

I’m currently leading a major migration project between networks, which is one of the largest projects I’ve taken on as a solo project manager in my 20-plus years in IT. The details are hugely important and it requires working closely with the eOne and Hasbro IT teams. (Hence all those meetings!)

Favorite eOne moment? 
I have had the pleasure of being a Network Champion for eOne’s Mosaic Network, which is an employee-led group that focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion and promotes allyship, education, recruitment and retention. It’s truly been a great experience. All of the milestone events we’ve been able to celebrate as a team, from Black History Month to Asian Heritage Month to celebrating Eid, Diwali and Hannukah, have been so rewarding.  

Mary Sorani
Service Delivery Manager, IT
tags:  IT

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Meet an eOner.

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