Meet an eOner.

Meet Lisa, based in Toronto. 

She is in Production Financing for eOne's TV team.

How did you start your career at eOne?
I started at eOne in 2010. I had just completed an MBA and was looking for a challenging position in the industry. I started as Manager of Business Affairs, which morphed into Production Financing, and over time was promoted first to Director and then to Vice President.

What’s a typical day at eOne for you?
Like most people at eOne, no two days are exactly alike. I might have to set up a new TV series and ensure it complies with all funding regulations, or work with my team to review tax credit estimates. I work with post-production accounting and auditors to close financing on projects. I work with our network partners on reviewing co-production financing and deficit funding. And soon I may join fellow eOners at our regular office Bar Cart…

What are some of your current projects? 
I’m across most of the content we produce, currently with a focus on: Season 3 of our series Moonshine and our great documentary series Arctic Vets – both for CBC; our popular series The Rookie and its spin-off The Rookie: Feds, both for ABC; Season 2 of our thriller Cruel Summer (Freeform/Amazon Prime); and soon the second season of hit series Yellowjackets (Showtime).

Favorite eOne moment?
I’m usually tied to my desk, so I really like the opportunities that we have to step away. One time I went to the set of our series Designated Survivor and snuck into the oval office.

Lisa Drolet
Vice President, Production Financing, Film & Television
tags:  Television

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Arctic Vets

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Meet an eOner.

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