eOne Goes Green.

eOne’s Tashi Bieler, based in Toronto, Canada, discusses our move to more environmentally sustainable TV productions, as a member of Ontario Green Screen.

First off, what is Ontario Green Screen?
Ontario Green Screen (OGS) is an initiative started by government agencies and industry organizations in Ontario, Canada to create more sustainable film and television productions. OGS lays out specific, measurable, and timely goals, providing pathways for the entire industry to actively work towards lowering carbon emissions and reducing waste. OGS collaborates with Reel Green in British Columbia and Rolling Green in Quebec to provide an all hands-on deck, industry-wide effort.

Why was it important that eOne join?
At eOne, we need to lead by example and be part of the solution. We have tremendous reach as an organization, and the resources to implement sustainable practices on our productions and share those learnings with others. In Canada, joining OGS also means we can work towards changing the existing infrastructure – from access to municipal grids, to increased availability of electric-vehicles, to sourcing and supporting services that offer sustainable waste processing. From a business perspective, climate change has a direct, measurable cost impact to our productions and we want to be a part of changing that.

What changes are we making on our sets?
We’re using refillable water bottles, compostable food containers, and proper waste management to ensure landfill disposal is at a minimum. We’re also in the process of implementing  a move to energy-efficient lighting packages, re-used materials and re-purposed set construction, circular wardrobe use, solar-powered base-camps, working to reduce travel where possible, and moving towards fewer meat-based meal options.

What’s next?
The whole industry is working to implement more sustainable practices. We are starting here in Canada. and have a plan for eOne to roll out similar practices across all territories, all productions. This will be a year for a lot of learning and collaborating, not unlike how we’ve implemented the COVID-19 protocols that have allowed us to get back to work. We are producers, and we are ready to produce a reduced carbon footprint.

Tashi Bieler
Senior Vice President, Physical Production, Television
tags:  Television eOne Green

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