Asian Heritage Month at eOne.

“I got involved with the Asian Resource Community (ARC) amidst the rising tensions sparked following Covid-19,” explains Kathy Ho, one of the ARC’s founding members. “Hearing about others’ experiences with anti-Asian racism made me feel like I had to do something.”

The ARC was founded by staff from across eOne, Wizards of the Coast and our parent company, Hasbro. “We decided we needed a space for employees to find community and talk about what it means to be Asian in North America.”

The network holds regular meetings, plans company-wide cultural events, and hosts informative guest speakers. 

“I want to create a community where people are empowered to join and contribute,” says Kathy. “I’ve started to see more regular faces at our monthly meetings, and it's been great to see new people get involved. I hope it’s something that keeps going and growing.”

Last May, in celebration of Asian Heritage Month in Canada, the network has hosted a series of events for staff from across the organization, including a Cook-Along event. Team members from Hasbro, eOne, and Wizards came together virtually to make Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi cuốn) and put their own spin on the classic dish. They also hosted a Qi Gong Session with May Rahnema. “This year we decided to include a focus on wellness since it overlapped with the company’s Wellness Week. It was really cool to be able to bring practices like Qi Gong and Desk Yoga to our employees. I hope we can continue to bring new practices that people may not have heard of or would like to try.”

These events are just part of the work that ARC is doing. “We want to continue the conversations going forward. This year we did Lunar New Year celebrations across the entire business — not just at eOne. We reached out to folks in Asian offices like Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, etc. and hope to continue the dialogue and stay connected. Hopefully as we continue to grow, we can provide more diverse programming and host more diverse voices.”

From big challenges to bigger ideas, Kathy has been excited by the positive impact of ARC. “It’s been a really amazing journey. Getting to meet people from across the organization and connect on common experiences and brainstorm new ideas together has been so rewarding.”

Kathy Ho
Analyst, Project Management Office, IT
tags:  Asian Resource Community (ARC) DEI

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